Creately Blog - Over 5,000 people die from AIDS daily & you’re responsible

Wake up and smell the caffeine!

More importantly, it’s time to wake up and read this article. Why? Because while 7,400 people get infected by HIV daily, there are 5,500 people who die from AIDS everyday. And the worst part? Every single one of us is responsible.

For decades now, the best minds the world could ever produce have been working towards a cure for AIDS, but while progress has been made, a life-giving cure is far from being discovered. While science and technology are hard at work doing their part to eradicate this dreaded disease, you and I are in dire need of a cure, too.

You see, we’re all afflicted by prejudice, fear and bigotry. Most of us revel in it, some of us spread it. What this means is that we deny 33 million people with a reason to live and to die with dignity.

The 1st of December is World AIDS Day. We firmly believe that awareness is the cure.

Think about it.

Refer the flowchart below to make a change for the better…

…it’s only a simple change in attitude. (Trust us, it won’t cost you a dime).


We’ve also included a diagram of the different AIDS Awareness Days across the world.

image Take a look at the World AIDS Awareness Day 2010 video courtesy of Avert.


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