New Features and Fixes : New Languages, Shape Dimensions and Bug Fixes

Hot on the heels of our Confluence and JIRA plugins, we got some sweet news today. Unlike our usual slew of releases, we got some incredible updates for both Creately online and Creately Desktop, which you should grab hold of asap! Remember how we told you about how Creately got faster with its response time some time back? Well, now we’re eager to let you know that we put in some hard work to sort out quite a few ugly bugs for good. All this, just so you can expect your favorite diagramming app to offer you uninterruptedintuitive, and easy and fast diagramming with just a click or two.


Why Online and Desktop are better than ever

The biggest news we have is that we have added on more languages to our online and desktop apps. As you know, this new initiative has seen some steady progress this year. Thanks to ourLocalization Program, we’ve got RussianFrench and Spanish covered.

Yet what we are really happy to announce the Object Dimensions feature that is part and parcel of the latest release. Now you can tap in and get the right dimensions accordingly.

Additionally, issues that are related to License and License Activation reported by some of our users have been sorted out. Also bug fixes pertaining to issues around connectors and anchors not loading as they were saved were taken care of.

We appreciate all the bug reports you guys have consistently sent us and we’re hard at work to make sure Creately is that much smarter to work on.  Sometimes it’s those small details that can make a world of difference, which is why we’re all for constant improvement; if there are certain things you want specifically improved, you’re more than welcome to pop us a tweet or send us an email.

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Creately Desktop is finally here! « Creately Blog

These are truly exciting times for us. With just a month in Beta, we are now finally ready to unveil Creately Desktop to the world. If you have been following us on Twitter and reading our blog, you would have been fed quite a bit of information on our desktop version. We’ve combined the best of two worlds (online and offline) into one compact app. So now there’s no need to grind your teeth in frustration whenever you lost your Internet connection.When you create a flowchart, mindmap or any other diagram, basically just click the Diagrams Anywhere feature and you can have all your diagrams sync’ed into both the online and desktop platforms. In other words, you get to work on the same diagram either online or offline, whether you are on land, sea or air. Let’s put the benefits of this feature into context.

Let’s say you just created a flowchart on Creately Desktop (while you’re also connected to, the updates will automatically sync into Creately online account. You then share this flowchart with your team of Project Managers, Developers and Designers; and embed this diagram into your Google site page or any webpage.

Now, one of your Project Managers made edits on the flowchart via his Creately Desktop. When working as a team on the same diagram in a project, all the changes made by one either using Creately Desktop or Online will be reflected immediately in your documentation ensuring that the Creately diagram and the published webpage stay in sync.

With Creately’s Diagrams Anywhere the whole team can now come together around the right diagram.

We live and breathe the cliche – a picture is worth a thousand words – which is why no amount of adjectives will show you how truly awesome Creately Desktop is. So to discover this experience, download it now. During the coming days and weeks, we’ll be blogging on more exciting Creately Desktop features. So stay tuned to this space for more information on how you can use Creately Desktop to give yourself a wholesome diagramming experience.


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Creately Blog - The new Creately for FogBugz Plugin Version 1.2 is good to go

When we first launched the platform for FogBugz, you just couldn’t get enough of it, could you?

Because we love being loved, we got the guys and girls at our R&D centre to continuously upgrade the plugin with more and more features. After busting a few neurons and spending many arduous nights (no sleep, plenty of caffeine, get the picture?), we’re ready to throw down the red carpet and pop some Dom Pérignon and invite you to try, (taaaa daaaa) – Creately for FogBugz Plugin Version 1.2.

You see folks, this ain’t just another oh-by-the-way-we-need-an-update-chums type of an update. It’s way grander than that. First things first, we dragged out the fly swatter and killed the bugs. And if you come across any, you let us know, you hear?

The basic premise of Creately for FogBugz is that a project team can create and attach Flowcharts, Use Cases, Wireframes and any other diagrams to their project cases and wikis.

But you knew that. So, here’s what you didn’t know.

So, what’s new?

We’ll tell you. The new version is enriched with brand new customizable Text-driven Smart Objects, which means they can be configured by just editing the Text from the Properties panel. So you can make it as funky as you want it. So, can Smart Objects be used in Wireframes, UML and Database Designs? Oh, yes. Geez, what will we think of next? :0)

Image Search? Oh, it’s just a cinch.

Images there and images here. What’s an enterprising project manager to search for, when time really is in short supply. Now, scrolling up and down in search of images is redundant. Now, just type what you want, and hey presto, there you have it.

And there’s more. We hitched up Google Images and as well to our Search function. We are of the opinion that a choice of thousand plus images, should do you okay. ^_^

There you have it folks, the latest and greatest Creately for FogBugz Plugin Version 1.2. Go ahead, give it a go. We know, you so want to.

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Central Desktop Introduces Online Diagrams by Creately

Central Desktop announces Online Diagrams by CreatelyThat moment, which you all (excitedly, no doubt!) waited for, is finally here! Well, folks, (drum roll) Central Desktop officially announced the availability of its new Online Diagramming feature.

Online Diagrams Powered By Creately

Central Desktop delivers a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration platform that allows business teams to communicate and collaborate online. This gets more powerful now with Creately’s integration into Central Desktop’s collaboration platform, which gives customers the ability to translate their ideas graphically. Comprehende, amigo?

In other words, users can directly create and collaborate on diagrams from right within their Central Desktop workspace to literally create anything visual. Cool, eh? For instance, users can now create professional  flowcharts, org charts, pretty mind maps, interactive wireframes to include in reports, docs and wiki pages. In fact, according to Isaac Garcia (who is the CEO and co-founder of Central Desktop), this new dimension to online collaboration will help their users communicate more efficiently and improve the decision-making process.

Fully Interactive Creately Diagram Editor

All of Creately’s key features are available on the Central Desktop’s Online Diagrams so Central Desktop customers will be working in Creately’s fully interactive interface loaded with our extensive library of objects to create any type of diagram.

As a technology leader in the online diagramming space, Creately is proud to deliver the best diagramming capabilities to Central Desktop’s collaboration platform.

So without any further ado, take a quick glimpse at this short video, and then get creative!

Central Desktop Online Diagrams from Central Desktop on Vimeo.

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A Bigger, Badder Creately Turns One

Happy Birthday, CreatelyIts been a year since we came out of Beta and launched Creately to the world. I know its not a long time, but for the team here at Creately, its a moment to be proud of as we pause to think about how far we’ve come since the early days pitching the Creately idea to investors and potential customers almost 3 years ago.

To celebrate, today we’re announcing the biggest, baddest release of the Creately Platform yet. Besides the refreshed interface and new widget for embedding Creately diagrams, this week we unveil the smartest and most flexible diagramming shapes anywhere.

We kicked this off with 3 simple KObjects last month - customizable Tables, Accordian Panes and Menu bars, and you guys loved it. So we’ve worked hard to bring you brand new Wireframing shapes, UML shapes and smart shapes for Database design

Rapid UI Mockups

Mockup - Menu Bar

The Wireframe KObjects set gets a major make-over with brand new customizable objects for the Browser, Drop Down Menu (shown above), Menu Bar, Tree, Table, Star Rating, Breadcrumb Navigation Panel, and Vertical Slider shapes.

These new shapes can be easily configured from the Properties panel to make them look any way you’d like. For example, a Vertical Slider object lets adjust the position of the slider. But thats just the tip of the iceberg cos most of these new shapes are Text-driven Smart Objects, which means you can change the way they look by simply editing the Text in them.

Let’s take a closer look at the Drop Down Menu (shown above), which is a Text-driven shape. Select the Properties panel and edit the Drop Down Menu data field or simply click on the shape to reveal the underlying data. Making a change to the text immediate changes the look of your Drop Down Menu, so its as easy as typing to add new Menu Items, Disable Menu Items, Submenu Items and more. Not convinced - take it for a test drive.

This is just one example, you can find the full details and examples of our new Wireframing objects here!

The easiest UML Diagrams ever

Customizable UML Shapes

It gets better! Don’t you wish you could simply type up your UML class and object definitions and automatically create great-looking UML diagrams. With our new Text-driven UML objects - that’s a reality.

Take for example the Device shape above. To create  a UML Deployment Diagram - drag-n-drop this object onto the canvas, double-click on it and update the Text to automatically customise the shape to your specification. It’s really that easy. Give it a go yourself. And it works for  for UML Class, Object, Package and Component diagrams too.

New Smart, Beautiful Database Diagrams

Database design smart KObjects

We saved the best for last. You’re going love the new Database Design set. With support for Primary and Secondary key icons, indices and entity relationships, its easy to create a beautiful looking ER or DB diagram really fast. Just try the sample DB template to see the magic.

We are really excited about how simple and easy drawing UI Mockups, DB Diagrams and UML diagrams is going to be with these new updates. Viva la revolucion!

Whats next - Flowchart Objects

Next week, we’ll bring you even more smart KObjects to make Creately diagramming a breeze, including updates to the Flowchart set and some spiffy new style templates.

Hope you enjoy these goodies as much as we enjoyed making them.

We are looking forward to a really exciting year. We’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with easy, collaborative diagramming, theres lots more to do! We’ll be starting with some of the most requested features, including real-time collaboration and perhaps even something for those of you who prefer to work offline ;->

Finally, we’d like to thank you for all your support. We’ve come a long way in the last year, but we couldn’t have done it without you, our awesome customers. Here’s to another great year ahead.

And if you’re in the mood - we’re running a Poll for the next big feature to add to Creately - have your say.

Happy Diagramming!

@Creately Team

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Creately Blog » Beautiful new Creately Diagram Viewer

We are really excited to launch our Creately Diagram Viewer today. It’s a simple embed widget that lets you add a zoomablealways updated Creately diagram in any web page. To top it off, we’ve created a Google Gadget for our new Diagram Viewer, so it works nicely on Google Sites for all our Google Apps customers too.

Diagram Viewer Widget

First off, the Diagram Viewer Widget. This is a HTML5 web gadget that lets you easily embed an interactive diagram viewer into any webpage. By simply pasting the embed code into your webpage, you’ll be able to publish and share your diagram anywhere.

Great Features

The Diagram Viewer, comes with some great features that makes sharing diagrams with Creately a breeze.

First off, you can set up the dimensions of you widget so it fits perfectly into any webpage. But the best part is the Zoom and Pan features that make it perfect for large diagrams. There’s now no need to scale your exports and lose the details of your diagrams. Simply set up the size of your widget and embed it into any webpage.

Mouseover to see the Viewer in action

Alway Updated

Your embedded diagram is always up to date. With this widget, your embedded diagram is automatically updated when anyone makes a change in the original Creately diagram. So there’s no need to keep uploading updated images to your website.

And to help you share, we’ve built in Facebook share and Twitter buttons in the widget. Embed your diagrams on your site and get more love for your work.

Community Diagram Pages

You can take the Diagram Viewer Widget for a spin on our Public Diagram Pages. The embed code for all the diagrams is right there, so copy and embed away! If you liked any diagram, show your love by sharing it via Social Media with 1-click!

Creately Diagram Viewer Widget

Google Gadget For Apps and iGoogle

Creately is loved by thousands of google apps users, and we’ve been working hard to bring better diagram collaboration to them. So this week, Google Sites finally gets what it was missing - built-in diagrams that work just like the wiki does.

The brand new Creately Gadget for Google Sites and iGoogle makes it easy to embed the new Diagram Viewer into the Google Platform. This way, anyone who edits the Site can also access and update the Creately diagram from right within Google Apps.

Just like the HTML5 viewer, the Gadget’s diagram is alway up to date for true collaborative working.

Creately Diagram Viewer Google Gadget

No More Squinting

The Google Gadget allows you to embed multiple diagrams from the Creately App in a single page along with explanatory text. You can create really big diagrams, and still embed them on site pages without having to scale them down. Just alter the display dimensions of the gadget and click to embed. Your site page now remains neat and intact with all the Creately diagrams appearing within a Creately Player in uniform dimensions.

You can learn how to embed this gadget on Google Site by visiting our Embed Gadget Instructions page! Or check out the Creately Google Gadgets listing page - and dont forget to leave us a review :-) Thanks!

@Creately Team


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Creately, Just Smarter and Easier

Creately, Just Smarter and Easier.

It’s been less than a month since our release, and we’re back with yet another exciting upgrade to Creately! The team has been hard at work putting together some great ideas to make Creately even easier to use, so we hope you like whats in store.

New Look Side Panel


We’ve got a new look on the side panel. Our UI was beginning to look a lil dated - so we’ve started work on a refresh. This week we’ve got a brand new look for our super duper Side Panel (where all the mojo’s at). Like what you see? Let us know.

Notes Panel

More interestingly, we’ve added a new Notes panel to make it easier to collaborate and communicate clearly in your teams. Those inline comments are great, but wouldn’t it be better if you could explain your diagrams and mockups by adding some notes to help the reader along.

Check out the new Notes button on the Side Panel - its not a heavy-weight text editor but you do get a Rich Text Editor to help you get your ideas into Creately.

Good News for Mac Users!

You Mac fanboys out there have something to really cheer about. We’ve fixed the horizontal scroll issues with Apple’s Magic Trackpad. Now you can use 2 fingers to scroll both vertically and horizontally in the Creately application. Try it out now!

Improved Smart KObjects

We saw the trouble you had in creating tables, tabs and accordion panes in your Web Mockups! Haven’t you always wished you could easily build a table in Creately or just change the number of tabs displayed in the Tab objects? Now you can.

The team’s been hard at work all winter (yes, we come from a land down-under), putting the final touches to a brand new Smart KObject framework to bring a new level of ease of use and flexibility to your Creately diagrams. This week we announce 3 new Smart KObjects - and many more will follow in the coming weeks.

Professional Dynamic Tables

We heard you say how difficult it was to add Tables in your Mockups, so we’ve added dynamic Tables to our KObject library. Now you can simply enter Text and the Table will resize itself. Simply drag-n-drop a Table from the left panel, and start to edit the Table properties to add Table Data. To create a new column, simply type a ‘,’ (comma) and for a new row, enter in a new row of data. This way, you get easy to use dynamic Tables for all your mockups and diagrams.


Multiple Tab Pages in seconds

You can now create multiple Tab Pages on a Tab Control quickly. We know how aggravating it is to insert a number of individual Tabs to create Tab pages. But, with the smart KObject improvements you can create as many Tabs as you might inside the Tab Control by simply editing the Tab Bar text. To add tabs, simply type ‘,’ (comma) and the Tab title, so “Tab1, Tab2, Tab3″ will create 3 Tabs in this order. Adding a ‘*’ to any Tab title marks it as the selected Tab.


Collapsible Accordion Pane

Lastly for this week we looked at our Accordion Pane and decided it too could do with a makeover! Now you can configure your Accordion pane with just a few simple keystrokes. For example, the following Text will create 4 panes with the second one open and the rest collapsed:


These are just the initial few smart KObjects we’ve created. Expect a whole lot more smart KObjects in the weeks to come… Diagramming has never been easier!

Login to Creately now to check out the great new features, and let us know what you feel. We’d love to hear it from you!

With Love
Creately Team

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Creately Blog - Better Diagram Manager and More

posted13/07/10 Better Diagram Manager and More Customer First, Features, release What a terrific month its been for us here at Creately! First, we launched the Creately for FogBugz plugin, and now we bring you a brand new release with a host of new capabilities and bug fixes.

This week’s release at a glance!

1) Better Diagram  Manager

Multi-Select and new Keyboard Shortcuts

We’ve made it possible for you to multi-select all the diagrams in your Creately Projects. You can now select multiple diagrams to either open or delete them, saving you loads of time while working in Creately. To make it easier, we’ve introduced a couple of useful keyboard shortcuts - To select all the diagrams in a project, simply click Ctrl + A or hit click F2 to rename a diagram/document from the Document Manager window.

Check out the new Sort and Filter options!


Do you spend a whole lot of your time locating the diagrams in your Creately Projects? Click on the drop down menu on the Sort and Filter options to locate your diagrams in your Projects. With the improved filter options you can locate your diagrams in just minutes.

And don’t miss out on the new Detailed List view!


The Document manager now also comes with a new Detailed List view along with the standard Tile view of your Creately diagrams. The Detailed view displays thumbnails along with all the relevant details of all your project diagrams.

page_size1 landscape 2) The Diagram Editor

Re-sizable canvas to suit all your diagramming needs!

Click on the Page Properties tab, and check out the new Landscape page sizes which are now available!

Larger canvas for bigger diagrams!

We’ve been getting many requests to increase the maximum canvas size beyond 2500px. In this release we’ve worked hard to improve this and now you can create diagrams of up to 8000px per side. Great for those complex flowcharts and class diagrams.

New Default Styles3) Pretty shapes and connectors!

All your abstract shapes come with a default fill! We’ve decided to lose the plain boring white fills in our abstract shapes, and now they’re all with pretty gradient fills. We’ve not stopped with there, we’ve also tuned the Flowchart object connection points for beautiful looking flowcharts; and created thinner outlines on all the User Interface objects to give it a more uniform look.

We’ve introduced a faster JPEG encoder to make exporting JPEG significantly faster, along with better error management and recovery on Network and Session issues all to keep our valuable users happy!

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Creately Blog » And now, Diagrams for your Fogbugz platform

And now, Diagrams for your Fogbugz platform

collaboration, Features, news, partners, release, teams

FogBugz LogoToday, we’re happy to announce the release of Creately for FogBugz, a brand new plugin for everyone’s favourite software project management and bug-tracking system, FogBugz from FogCreek Software.

Creately for FogBugz lets everyone on your project team communicate clearly by easily creating and including diagrams in FogBugz. With full integration into the FogBugz interface, you can easily add Use Cases, Wireframes, Flowcharts, UML or any other diagrams to FogBugz cases and wiki pages.

Creately for Fogbugz plugin

Squash’Em Bugs

Bugs fixing will go a lot smoother when you can clearly explain the issues to developers. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so get everyone on the same page by adding annotated wireframes, or updated Use Cases to every FogBugz case. Anyone working on the case can edit and and modify diagrams as the case or feature is worked on.

Up-to-date Documentation

The ability to quickly add diagrams directly within Wiki pages will make documenting your software projects a lot less of a chore. No more attaching external Visio files, and no more expensive desktop-based software. With Creately for FogBugz, the whole team can update project documentation right within the browser, saving time and more importantly helping keep your specifications up-to-date.

Creately for FogBugz Pricing

Get it now!

Creately for FogBugz plugin is available for installation on your own Fogbugz server starting from $85/user with bulk discounts available for larger teams. Currently we only support Fogbugz on the Windows platform,  but a Linux and hosted version for FogBugz OnDemand will be announced shortly.

Download Free 14-day trial

Installation Help

Give yourself the advantage of Creately for Fogbugz by purchasing your license right now or if your not quite ready you can also download the free 14-day trial.

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Creately Blog » Local Diagram Backup and New Bulk Pricing


Local Diagram Backup and New Bulk Pricing

backup, Features, plans, pricing, release, tips

Today, we’re excited to announce Creately’s improved Import/Export capability made possible with our new Creately Document Markup Language (.cdml) and brand new Team Plans with great discounts for larger Teams. Lets jump straight into it.

Save your Diagrams Locally

First off, the new Import/Export capability. Team and Pro users can now backup all your Creately diagrams locally on your desktop by simply exporting a Creately Document Markup Language format file (*.cdml). These exported files can easily be imported back into Creately maintaining all embedded images and links at full-resolution.

Export CDML from Creately

We’ve significantly upgraded our upload and download infrastructure, so now you’ll be able to download CDML, PDF, PNG and JPEGs as well as import your own graphics into Creately at a blistering speed. This is great for all those mockups and presentations that need custom graphics. We know you’ll love this.

We’re most excited about the possibilities the new CDML format will present for our users and developers, so over the next few weeks , Hiraash will be putting up some ideas and examples of what you can do with our new diagram document format. Go ahead, export an image and open the CDML file with any text editor for a sneak peek.

Bulk User Plans!

After we announced our Team plans and Creately for Google Apps, we’ve been inunadated with requests from larger Teams looking to adopt Creately in their pursuit for more efficient project collaboration. We’ve heard you and we’re happy to announce fantastic bulk discounts for larger Teams.

Team Plan Bulk Pricing

With the new prices, you’ll pay $8/month each for the first 5 users. If you have a larger team of say 12 users, you’ll simply pay $8 for the first 5 users, then $6 for the next 5 and finally $5 for the last 2 users. So a 12 user team will be charged $80 / month ($40 + $30 + $10). That’s a 17% savings, straight off the bat.

Check out our plans page for more details. If you need more than a 100 users on Creately - call us we’re here to help.

These new discounts will make adopting Creately across your Google Apps domain excellent value for money. As always, we’ve got great discounts for Educators, Colleges and do-gooders - just reach out to us.

What to Expect

Over the coming weeks - expect some exciting new announcements that will Creately the best visual collaboration and diagramming application for software, design and support teams, including a new plugin for FogBugz and improvements in our software diagramming capability. Until then happy diagramming.

@Creately Team

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