Central Desktop Introduces Online Diagrams by Creately

Central Desktop announces Online Diagrams by CreatelyThat moment, which you all (excitedly, no doubt!) waited for, is finally here! Well, folks, (drum roll) Central Desktop officially announced the availability of its new Online Diagramming feature.

Online Diagrams Powered By Creately

Central Desktop delivers a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) collaboration platform that allows business teams to communicate and collaborate online. This gets more powerful now with Creately’s integration into Central Desktop’s collaboration platform, which gives customers the ability to translate their ideas graphically. Comprehende, amigo?

In other words, users can directly create and collaborate on diagrams from right within their Central Desktop workspace to literally create anything visual. Cool, eh? For instance, users can now create professional  flowcharts, org charts, pretty mind maps, interactive wireframes to include in reports, docs and wiki pages. In fact, according to Isaac Garcia (who is the CEO and co-founder of Central Desktop), this new dimension to online collaboration will help their users communicate more efficiently and improve the decision-making process.

Fully Interactive Creately Diagram Editor

All of Creately’s key features are available on the Central Desktop’s Online Diagrams so Central Desktop customers will be working in Creately’s fully interactive interface loaded with our extensive library of objects to create any type of diagram.

As a technology leader in the online diagramming space, Creately is proud to deliver the best diagramming capabilities to Central Desktop’s collaboration platform.

So without any further ado, take a quick glimpse at this short video, and then get creative!

Central Desktop Online Diagrams from Central Desktop on Vimeo.

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10 of the Best Google Gadgets

We’re actually in a growing world of Google Gadgets, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re building a Gadget while reading this. But, if you’re looking to make your Google Gadget and don’t know where and how to start? Just read through this tutorial, I’m sure it comes in handy!

Google Gadgets? What are they really? I hear of them a lot now a days. In simple terms, Google Gadgets are mini-web applications or widgets you can easily embed into Google products, like iGoogle, Google Desktop and Blogger.

A Google gadget can range from simple HTML to a complex app. It can be a Calendar, a Clock gadget, a Weather Globe, a Media Player, a Diagram Viewer or just about anything you’d like to have on your web page. There are so many Google Gadgets out there, but I’ve picked the best 10 which I thought are fun, interesting and useful to be working with. So here you go!

1) TwitterGadget


This is a functional gadget that can be added on your iGoogle page. TwitterGaget lets you update your status and also fetches the New Tweet Alerts, Trending Topics and Twitter Lists. It’s quite handy, since you can now manage your Twitter account from the iGoogle page.

2) Official YouTube Gadget


Embedding this gadget helps you browse, search and watch You Tube videos from your iGoogle, your blog or your website. With this gadget, you can link to You Tube videos and let your website visitors check them out.

3) Creately Diagram Viewer


Creately is an Easy Online Diagram and Collaboration application, which helps you draw flowcharts, UML, Mindmaps, Sitemaps, UI Mockups and more. Now, you can add an always-updated Creately diagram with zooming and panning to your page. Whenever anyone updates the diagram, the latest version will be shown inside the gadget. No more manual image uploads!

4) Digg


Add this gadget to your iGoogle or your website and discover the best news, images and videos as voted on by the Digg community. You can also now customize your Digg gadget by topic, Select the topic you are interested in and get the latest diggs relevant to that topic!

5) Life tips of the Day


Are you looking for a tip on Skin Care, Health or Cooking? This gadget offers free tips, advice and how-to guides on anything and everything you want – cooking, gardening, health, jobs and more!

6) Movie Trailer of the Day


Want to watch a movie, but not sure which movie? No more confusion! Get this gadget and start watching the movie trailers of the latest and upcoming movies.

7) Hangaroo


Want to play? Then add this gadget and start playing Hangman! This is a Hangman clone that hangs a Kangaroo instead.

8) Financial Calculator


The Financial Calculator gadget makes your calculations easy. It saves a lot of your time, is an attractive gadget and will not occupy much of your space. This calculating gadget is a good pick.

9) Socializer by web2announcer.com


This is a great gadget which connects you with all the web 2.0 sites. It brings together a whole list of latest stories from Digg, Del.icio.us and more.

10) Wikipedia


Do you use Wikipedia a lot? Embed this gadget and search for articles or keywords on Wikipedia directly from your iGoogle page, your blog or your website.

Guest post by Indu Kandasamy, the Marketing Maven at Creately.com, a collaborative diagramming software for teams. When she’s not working on marketing strategies for web start-ups, she paints and loves to create designs for printed textiles. You can read more of her writing on the Creately Blog or follow her on Twitter: @creately @induja

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